Wedding Services

Wedding, the most important moment in a life time. It is not only tied up two individual to become couple, it also links two families together. When you think of wedding, for sure you have attended a lot of wedding dinner or ceremony before. But, how if you organise one by yourself? Then, you will know how complicated it is.

Wedding, for a Chinese, beside register at the government department or follow religious, it still have many Chinese culture to follow. Wedding involved not only wedding dress, pre-wedding photography, it also request photographer on the actual wedding day shooting. You will get your wedding album before wedding day, and distribute your wedding photo for friends and family. Nowaday, with the new technology, people may not distribute hardcopy but just uploaded it on fb or blog to share the good news.

Before the wedding day, family and friends will gather at the bride or groom house. Catering services is important to make sure visitors can having their meal and sharing the happiness at home.

On the wedding day, early in the morning, makeup artist will come to the bride’ house doing the bride makeup. Photographer or videographer will come early to record the important and memorable moment for the bride. At this moment, dai kum or Chaperon will reach groom house to prepare all the “ji xiang” material and go to bride house with groom.

Preparation on the groom house such as bed installation, decoration in the bridal room, dowry etc has to be done beforehand.  Booking restaurant or hotel for the wedding dinner always 1 year earlier to get the dinner venue that two families happy with.

Many others wedding preparation need to be done from time to time before actual day. It will be discussed in more details in the AC Wedding Planning site.