Wedding Photography


We have several professional photographer located in various state in Peninsular Malaysia, shoots all weddings / events personally. We provide professional services that shoot that shoot your wedding event, company event, actual day wedding photo etc. We have a a group of two photographer to shoot the photo on your wedding time while one of them focus on the bride and groom.

Equipment & Backup

We shoot the entire wedding on the highest resolution settings using Professional Digital SLR Cameras and Professional Lenses. We carry adequate backup equipment (eg : SLR Cameras and lenses) so that we are never vulnerable to equipment failure.

Negatives, Prints, and Enlargements

We supply all original images on CD/DVD. Our CD/DVD’s contain high resolution images suitable for enlargements. For all the photo that we shoot, we will provide you the negatives, and you are able to make your own enlargements and copies of your wedding photography at any photo store of your choice. You can choose it slowly and decide number of photo that you would like to develop. Usually if the photographer do it for you, additional cost will be incur.


We have designer can create and design the wedding album of your preferred if you would like to.

We have several photographers here: