Photographer @ Penang

There are many photographer in Penang area. You may have many choices for the photographer for your wedding day. Why us? It is because we provide full services and we confirm deliver. We will understand what exactly you need before your wedding day, how the procedure for the wedding and what to be aware of and be careful with to make sure we didn’t make any mistake. We always communicate with client to see what is their needs and we never up-sale after booking. Based on your needs, we provide the quote and the services/package can be adjusted to suit your best niche.

Actual day photography is not as easy as what people always think. Sometime, people might have the perception of why for one day work those photographer charge so high? there is a reason, it is because we are not only working for one day. The one day that you see is when we come to you to take picture. However, there is a lot of job to be done at the back which people cannot see or understand. The picture capture is not ready when the time we finish shooting. But photographer need to adjust the picture, choose and pick, remove the damage picture, fine tune the color and adding effect for the picture some time. The last step is to burn it into DVD to let you have a nice copy to review.

We confirm deliver, 1 month or 6 weeks after your actual day, the copy of DVD will send to you and we will receive our final payment then. Therefore, for your information, we will request a 50% up front payment to secure your booking/ time slot which can confirm our photographer will not take any other job on that day.

Our full day actual photography session start from RM1688.