Dai Kum

daikumShe is important. In playing the role of make sure all the process for the wedding running well and no any bad thing happen in the whole process. To be a qualified Dai Kum, or chaperon, it requests 10 years (at least) of experience and need to know how to speak sweet and talk good.

Most of the Dai Kum that you able to find in Klang Valley area, most of them are senior as young people less working in this field. But there are still some young one, like wedding planner, and new style chaperon working in KL but they are also difficult to get as well.

Since Dai Kum is getting less and less, for those who need this service and getting marry in a good day, need to book this services at least 1 year before, or 6 months for wedding on weekend. If you are going marry in weekday, then you can book 3 months before.

This is because for Chinese who believe in good time and good day, to make sure live in happy life after marry, always choose the same good day, you may find moon cake festival, valentine day, or even weekend at the year end, many couples getting marry and this is the time running out of chaperon. Get your dai kum early and dont wait for last minute. It is always good to book earlier than late.

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