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Questions for Couples who are About to Tie the Knot


A lot of relationship experts are of the opinion that couples often do not bother to find answers to a few important questions before they get married. They list out a few critical ones that couples should really be trying to answer, before they decide to tie the knot:

  1. Are we clear about our separate financial goals and obligations and are our thoughts on saving and spending in tandem?
  2. Have we talked about whether we want to have children? If yes, who will take primary responsibility in caring for them?
  3. Are our mental and physical health histories out in the open?
  4. Have we told each other our expectations for the running of the house, and how the chores will be divided between us?
  5. Can we be open and comfortable in discussing our sexual fears, needs and preferences?
  6. Do we get the required amount of affection from each other?
  7. Are our listening skills fully functional and do we take into consideration the other person’s complaints and ideas?
  8. Are we clear on whether a television will be placed in the bedroom?
  9. Do we respect and like the other person’s friends?
  10. Are we clear on each other’s spiritual needs and beliefs, and do we support them? Have we come to an agreement on the moral and religious education of our children?
  11. What annoys you in my family?
  12. Do we respect and value the parents of the other person? Is there any concern on either side about the parents interfering in the relationship?
  13. Is there anything that any of us is unwilling to compromise on in our marriage?
  14. Do we trust the other person’s commitment to this marriage, and are we sure in our belief that the marriage will survive regardless of the challenges thrown by life?
  15. If one of us gets a career opportunity that takes us away from the other person’s family, will we be ready to move?