What Should You Know About a Wedding Video?

photographer-51208_640 Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of a wedding video. Firstly, we should explain who a “videographer” is. A videographer is similar to a photographer. However, the chief difference is that a videographer shoots video. So, he is the person who stands behind the video camera. Many people might wonder why they should shell out money to hire a videographer when they are already paying to have a professional photographer. Yet others might wonder exactly the opposite. Why should they hire a photographer after having hired a videographer? However, it is worth the money to hire both. A videographer can film certain things that a photographer cannot capture on camera. During the toast, for example, a videographer will be able to film the maid of honour’s emotional moment during her speech, which a photographer cannot do effectively. While we are on the topic of wedding videos, let us take a moment to discuss the different styles of a wedding video: Journalistic VideoThis is also called the documentary style of shooting a video. While there is some editing involved, the end product mostly consists of footage as it was originally captured. Storytelling VideoThis incorporates sound bites from the wedding couple, before, during or after the wedding, to tell a story. Cinematic VideoThis video resembles a film or a movie, and uses relevant editing. Traditional VideoThis is the style of shooting that incorporates a family member or a friend shooting the video, with almost no editing. A competent videographer will not be limited by any one of the above described styles. He or she will allow the client to make their decision about exactly how they want the wedding day to be caught on film.