Hiring a Videographer: Tips and Tricks

When one is organizing an event, one question often pops up: why hire a videographer when camcorders are so easily available that any friend or family member could do it? However, even though camcorders are available, friends and family lack in experience and training, as well as the broadcast equipment that professional videographers possess.

Professional videographers invest in the purchase of state of the art equipment, such as editing software and cameras, which the general public does not usually concern themselves with. A professional company involved in video production will also have equipment such as dolly systems, camera cranes, audio microphones and multiple cameras in addition to a good training and excellent experience in shooting video at cable networks and broadcast stations.

If you are organizing an important event, such as a wedding, that you wish to capture permanently on video, then it is a good decision to hire a professional who has the ability and the skills to perform this task efficiently.

When you are hiring a videographer for your event, do not base your decision solely on the price quoted by the professional. Meet up with the production company and inform them of your needs, and inform yourself of their services. If you rely only on the price to make your decision, you might hire a company or a professional individual who does not perform the task you way you want it done.

Always ask to see a completed video from any of their past projects. The demo tapes that most videographers will push to you only contain their best work. You need to see all aspects of a completed video, so that you have an idea of the end product.

When you are checking the technical specifications, make sure that their videos are shot in a stable manner and with a tripod. If you do not check this aspect, you may end up paying for a videographer that shoots out of focus and shaky video clips, without audible or clear sound.

To ensure that the sound quality is good, see if the videographer uses multiple microphones so that everyone who speaks is captured. Ultimately, make sure that the quality of the video is good. It should be colour corrected and neither too dark nor too saturated.

Make sure you check all the above criteria before you hire a professional videographer for your special event, to make sure that the individual or company is competent and reliable.