Actual Day

Actual Day  Wedding Photography Package

We offer several package for Actual Day Wedding Package, included:

1. Half Day Photography Package (Start from RM1,000)

2. Full Day Simple Photography Package (Start from RM 1,800)

3. Full Day Photographer + Cinematographer Package which break into Advance, Superior and Platinum Package. (Start from RM2,500)

4. Video for wedding for only cinematographer session. (Start from RM1,800)

 Half Day Photography Package 

  • 1 photographer
  • 1 half day session (6 hours)

*Start from your makeup time, until the bridegroom arrive; after finish with the bride family side, follow to the groom family side until end of the ceremony.


*Arrive to the dinner venue half an hour before it start, photography the whole session until end of the dinner.

- A DVD with all the edited photo will be sent to you 1 month after your wedding day.

PS: For Actual Day, Company Event, Home Party, Birthday Party etc.

Actual Day Wedding

This is a once in a life time event, your big day. Since you have spend time on arranging all the event to make sure you will have a perfect wedding, a good and experience photographer is playing an important role to capture every single memorable moment of you. All the decoration, bridesmaid dressing, car decoration and also all your relative who attend the wedding, will be captured. Our professional photographer knows all the important moment for the event, having a checklist in his heart, shooting photos to keep the value of your day.