Photographer @ Ipoh

For the Actual Day Wedding Photography service, it not only cover Klang Valley area. We do serve Perak area such as Ipoh, Setiauwan, Kamunting, Tapah etc. Our photographer is local. He has experience to take wedding photo for more than 5 years and he know what is the important moment to be capture. Our photographer can speak both Chinese and English language, therefore, communication should not be any problem. If you have any special request for the shooting, kindly let them know one day before, by phone call or early in the morning before the event start.

Same like the Klang Valley area package, we do provide photographer and videographer for Ipoh area. In the early morning, they will start recording and shooting at bride house when bride start make up, follow by all the procedure and until the groom arrive. All the ceremony and event will be capture and morning session end when the bride and groom arrive their new home.

The essential equipment for our photographer is not only the camera, but multiple lens that he use the take the picture to present multiple effect. Although a very simple decoration, experience photographer can shoot a picture present the soft effect or closeup zoom. With the technology, new tools for shooting need to be used to confirm the quality of the shooting.

Picture for the bridesmaid, cars, room deco, catering services or even the bed setting will be recorded. As our photographer is local, there are no worry on they will lost their way when going to the bride or groom house.

We will request advance payment of 30% when you confirm the services, it is to ensure the time slot is belongs to you and not others. As people like to choose a nice and good date for wedding, we might facing insufficient photographer for the specific day. Therefore, advance payment is to protect both you and us to make sure you will get our services on that day and you wouldn’t suddenly call for a stop 2 days before wedding.

The advance payment is not refundable, but it can be transfered or postponed service to a new date. But this need to be confirm at least 2 months before wedding day. Any cancellation or programme delay didnt provide notice 2 months before, we might not able to cope with it.